Unraveling the Truth: “Will A Lift Kit Void My Warranty?”

Key Takeaways:

  • Short answer: No. Long answer: It's complicated.
  • Installing a lift kit on your vehicle may void certain aspects of your warranty. It is crucial to consult with your vehicle manufacturer or dealership to understand the specific terms and conditions that may apply.
  • To maintain your warranty, collaborate with a reputable and qualified mechanic who has experience installing lift kits. They can ensure the installation is done correctly, thereby minimizing the risk of warranty issues. <--- insert shameless plug here.


Will a lift kit void my warranty?

The impact of a lift kit on your warranty largely depends on the specific terms outlined by the manufacturer. There's no universal rule that fits all scenarios. That being said, your statutory warranty will not be void if you have had a qualified mechanic install a recommended or OEM spec replacement lift kit.

However, the manufacturer may choose to terminate your warranty if you knowingly failed to comply with your state or federal laws in Australia.

Here's a practical example: A 2-inch complete lift kit that includes all the necessary replacement suspension parts to ensure a safe and legal lift will not void your warranty. However, if you decide to cut corners and fit a set of illegal extended shackles yourself, then you venture into a gray zone and become subject to the manufacturer's discretion.

Here's where things can become complex: While a legal 2-inch complete lift kit won't entirely void your statutory warranty, your manufacturer may conclude that any damage related to the lift kit won't be covered.

Let's consider another example: if you install a 2-inch legal lift and, for any reason, it generates a tail shaft vibration that ultimately damages one of your universal joints, your manufacturer will likely decide that the universal joint will not be replaced under warranty. This is merely a hypothetical scenario, however. Your mechanic or installer should be proactive in providing solutions that mitigate any potential downsides to lifting your 4WD.


Some Facts About "Will a Lift Kit Void My Warranty?":

  • ✅ A lift kit or level kit itself installed on a vehicle does not void a manufacturer warranty.
  • ✅ If the lift or level kit is believed to have contributed to the vehicle's issues, the dealer may choose not to uphold the warranty agreement as it relates to those issues
  • ✅ Lift and level kits can provide a better look, increased ground clearance, and the ability to run larger tires on trucks and SUVs.
  • ✅ Manufacturers often sell and install level kits and lifts on their 4WD's and SUVs, but adding aftermarket components can strain existing vehicle components.

FAQs about Will A Lift Kit Void My Warranty

Will a lift kit or level kit void my warranty?

We've already covered this, but in case you've skipped ahead, No! A lift kit or level kit itself installed on your vehicle does not void a manufacturer warranty. However, if the dealer believes the lift or level kit contributed to the vehicle’s issues, they may see that as a reason to not uphold the warranty agreement.

Why does it matter if I install a lift or level kit on my vehicle?

Lift and level kits give 4X4's and SUV’s a better look, increased ground clearance, and the ability to run larger tires. However, it's important to remember that a level kit can strain the existing components on the vehicle. This could potentially lead to a situation where the warranty is not honored. However, this only applies to the parts affected by the lift kit. For example, they can't void your engine warranty because of a lift kit.

Can I install a lift kit myself and still maintain the warranty?

Yes, you can install a lift kit yourself, but it does come with risks. If the kit is not installed correctly or causes damage, it could potentially void the warranty. It is advisable to have a professional install the manufacturer-approved parts to prevent any potential issues. You could consider one of our qualified mechanics at Mnm 4WD Specialists, for example.

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