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Toyota Hilux N80 Rogue PHAT Bars Fixed Ball Joint Upper Control Arm

These UCAs (upper control arms) prevent 33-inch tyres from rubbing on the body mount and allow you to raise your suspension up to 3 inches!

Our upgraded extended arms correct the suspension geometry altered by lifting your 4WD and add more alignment parameters. This allows for a more responsive feel, tighter handling, and longer tyre life beyond what the factory upper arms can provide.

The extended length of the upgraded upper arms provides greater up and down wheel travel. This could be the difference between flying through a patch of loose sand with ease, or getting embarrassingly stuck and frustratingly bogged. This is crucial for off-road driving.

 Extended arms offer the necessary clearance to accommodate larger tyres without interference. They also ensure that you can achieve proper alignment with your bigger, more expensive tyres, reducing excessive wear and saving money.

Extended upper-control arms allow for tyre alignment parameters that are near perfection. This creates a downstream effect on the rest of your suspension system, resulting in a reduction of stress on other critical suspension components, prolonging their lifespan and saving on future repair costs.

Factory upper control arms have a track record for failing in more demanding 4WD situations due to their thin and cost-effective materials. Upgraded extended upper arms, on the other hand, step in as the sturdier, more reliable alternative. They provide a significant boost in strength offering a sensible solution for those looking for added durability during their off-road adventures.

Polyair Bellows Airbags

Highly recommended on all vehicles that regularly tow or have varying rear load weights. If you are a tradie who carries 300kgs of tools and equipment during the week but completely unloads the rear during the weekend or on road trips, you can have a super plush, comfortable load in both circumstances by either deflating the bags when unloaded or inflating the bags when loaded.

Bellows airbags at the rear of your 4WD significantly improve towing performance by providing extra support and hight adjustability to the rear suspension. This adjustability ensures optimal alignment with different trailer weights and cargo loads. This translates to better stability and control when hauling heavy loads, making towing safer and more efficient.

 Properly adjusted rear suspension, facilitated by bellows airbags, contributes to safer towing and hauling experiences. It helps prevent issues such as trailer sway, fishtailing, and uneven tyre wear, promoting safer driving conditions.

Functioning as a heavy-duty sway bar, the airbags enhance rear-end stability. This is particularly beneficial when navigating challenging terrain, encountering strong crosswinds, ensuring a more secure and controlled driving experience. Additionally, this stability is crucial when the center of mass is elevated in the vehicle, such as by the fitment of a rooftop tent or heavy canopies.

By optimising your vehicle’s suspension for specific loads, bellows airbags contribute to improved fuel efficiency. The reduced strain on the engine and drivetrain results in more economical fuel consumption, making your 4WD more cost-effective over the long term.

The added support provided by bellows airbags helps distribute weight more evenly across the suspension components. This minimises wear and tear on other suspension elements, such as shocks and springs, ultimately extending their lifespan and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Installing bellows airbags future-proofs your 4WD by ensuring adaptability to changing needs and applications. As your towing requirements evolve, the airbags provide a versatile solution that can be adjusted to meet new challenges without the need for extensive modifications.

Whether you’re carrying a light load or towing a heavy trailer, bellows airbags accommodate a wide range of weights. This versatility ensures that your 4WD remains stable and well-balanced regardless of the load, contributing to a safer and more efficient driving experience.

Front Differential Drop Kit

Highly Recommended on the following models: N70 / N80 Hilux

Adding a 4WD diff drop after installing a lift kit is a wise move for several reasons. First, it helps correct the driveline angles, reducing stress on components and minimizing vibrations. This not only enhances vehicle performance but also contributes to a smoother and more comfortable ride. Additionally, a diff drop can help maintain proper CV joint and axle angles, reducing wear and tear over time. Overall, it ensures that your lifted vehicle maintains optimal functionality and durability while providing a more enjoyable driving experience.

Bid farewell to CV joint worries and drivetrain stress! Our front differential drop kit guarantees optimal angles, preserving your vehicle’s health for the long haul.

Lessens stress on the front axle components, which can be particularly advantageous for vehicles subjected to frequent off-road use and harsh conditions.

Minimizes the potential for vibrations and driveline issues that can arise when lifting a vehicle without addressing the changes in driveline angles.

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