D-Max Lift Kit Guide: The Essentials

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As a qualified mechanic with specialised training in 4WD suspension, and the proud owner of MNM 4WD Specialists. My passion for all things 4WD isn’t just theoretical – it’s practical and hands-on. With over 300 lift kit installations under my belt, I’ve learnt the ropes through hands-on experience, and I’m eager to share my knowledge with you. Whether you’re a new D-Max owner or planning your next road trip, this guide will help you navigate the essential aspects of lifting your 2021 onwards D-Max. Let’s dive in!

Transforming Your D-Max Experience: Lift Kits for Comfort, Stability, and Performance

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Stepping into a brand new D-Max, you expect a smooth and comfortable ride. However, it doesn’t take long to notice that the factory-set suspension is somewhat harsher than you anticipated. It’s a common sentiment among D-Max owners. The 2021 onwards models, in particular, have been noted for their rigid, somewhat unforgiving suspension – not quite what you signed up for when dreaming of effortless drives across the Australian terrain.

This is where the magic of a quality lift kit comes into play. Designed to enhance not only the height but also the overall performance of your vehicle, lift kits can serve as a game-changer for your D-Max experience. With the right lift kit, your D-Max can go from factory standard to exceptional, providing an improved level of comfort that makes every journey a pleasure, not a pain.

But that’s not all. In addition to increased comfort, lift kits also significantly boost stability and overall vehicle performance. With a lift kit, you’re no longer just making do with the factory default. Instead, you’re optimising your D-Max to meet your specific needs, whether that’s for off-road adventures, heavy-duty hauling, or just everyday driving.

What Does a Quality Lift Kit Include?

When it comes to lift kits, remember that they’re not all created equal. Here at MNM 4WD Specialists, we have taken meticulous care to ensure the kits supply all the necessary components for an optimal lift, plus a few additional items that make our kits stand out from the rest.

Featured Work

2023 Isuzu D-Max

We transformed this 2023 D-Max with an upgraded 2-inch lift kit for an enhanced driving experience—furthermore increasing smoothness and conquering bumps effortlessly.

Is Investing in Upper Control Arms for My D-Max Worth It?

To put it simply, the answer oscillates between ‘yes’ and ‘no’. The decision largely depends on your specific needs and how much you’re willing to invest in optimising your D-Max’s performance.

It’s an open secret that D-Max models tend to struggle with bump steer issues right off the assembly line, which is made even worse with a lift. Even though upper control arms aren’t absolutely necessary (your wheels won’t fly off), their addition to your D-Max can substantially mitigate the more extreme effects of lifting your D-Max. The benefits are manifold: from better tyre contact with the road and enhanced stability to improved handling, the most notable payoff of course being extended tyre life.

While the inclusion of upper control arms does add to the upfront cost, it’s important to look at the bigger picture. Considering the longevity they lend to your tyres and the heightened performance and comfort they provide, the investment in aftermarket upper control arms is certainly a consideration worth your time.

Deciphering the Ideal Lift and Tyre Size for Your D-Max: What's Too High?

Wondering just how high you can take your D-Max without crossing the line with legal requirements or jeopardising your vehicle’s integrity? Typically, a 2-inch lift combined with 32-inch tyres stays comfortably within legal bounds. Not only does this give your D-Max a striking look, but it also provides the necessary elevation to navigate most terrains with ease.



Moreover, considering that these modifications toe the line of legality, it’s all the more important to engage a qualified suspension expert for the task. At MNM 4WD Specialists, we don’t just provide high-quality lift kits. We guarantee that your modifications will be completely legal, preserving your vehicle’s insurance and warranty intact. After all, achieving the perfect lift is about enhancing your D-Max’s performance and appeal without compromising on safety or legality.

Navigating the Lift Kit Landscape: Steering Clear of Pitfalls

Embarking on your journey into the world of lift kits can sometimes feel like you’re traversing a maze. With the overwhelming abundance of options available in the market, it’s easy to lose sight of what truly matters. A word of caution though – it’s essential to bypass the temptation of ‘cheap and nasty’ kits. Far from being a bargain, these kits could pose serious safety threats, hamper the drivability of your vehicle, and potentially usher in more significant expenses down the line due to accelerated wear and tear or damage.

Imagine the worst-case scenario – you’re involved in an accident with an expensive car, and your insurance provider determines that your suspension modifications are unapproved, thereby voiding your coverage. The result? An astronomical bill that you’re left to shoulder.

Or consider the second worst-case scenario – a component on your brand new ute fails and you need to avail of your warranty. However, your dealer identifies your “cost-saving lift kit” as the culprit and has now voided your warranty, leaving you with yet another hefty bill.

It’s crucial to understand that lifting your vehicle goes beyond merely inserting taller springs. This modification affects the entire suspension system and, by extension, your vehicle’s performance. Hence, the decision to invest in a quality lift kit from a trusted supplier and to have it professionally installed is integral. This approach prioritizes the safety of both you and your D-Max, and it’s a path that promises to be more economical and stress-free in the long run.

Investment Insight: What's the Cost of Lifting Your D-Max?

Curious about the potential impact on your bank balance? An investment in a top-tier lift kit, encompassing supply and professional installation, can range from $2400 to $4500. Factors such as the specific type of lift kit, the choice to include extras like upper control arms and air bags, and the cost of professional installation significantly contribute to this price variation.

While it’s strongly advised not to attempt installing a lift kit on your own, this seemingly sizable investment is justifiable when viewed through the lens of long-term gains. After all, you’re not merely spending; you’re investing in the future performance, safety, and comfort of your vehicle. When modifications have the potential to drastically alter your D-Max’s handling, investing in professional expertise and high-quality components isn’t a cost – it’s a wise and valuable investment.

Featured Work

2021 Isuzu D-Max

We completed a suspension upgrade on this 2018 Hilux, installing a high-quality 2-inch lift kit. The result? A smoother and more capable ride, providing a significant boost in comfort and drivability. 4X4 Lift Kits Gold Coast.

Conclusion: Elevating Your D-Max - The Final Takeaways

Well, mates, we’ve covered a fair bit of ground on lifting your 2021 onwards D-Max. Here’s a quick wrap-up to make sure you’ve got all the critical points down:

  • Factory-set suspensions on D-Maxs are notorious for being a bit rough around the edges. A well-chosen lift kit can transform your ride from standard to spectacular, providing you with better comfort, stability, and performance.

  • Not all lift kits are made equal. A comprehensive kit from MNM 4WD Specialists comes with everything you need, including greaseable shackles and a hand brake relocation kit, to ensure a seamless lift experience.

  • While upper control arms are not a strict requirement, investing in them can mitigate alignment issues common with D-Maxs, improving handling and extending your tyre life.

  • The law and good sense dictate some limits to how high you can go. A 2-inch lift with 32-inch tyres is usually within legal bounds and will enhance your off-road capabilities. This upgrade, however, requires professional installation of upper control arms and some necessary vehicle body modifications.

  • Cost is a significant factor to consider. Quality lift kits, including supply and professional installation, range between $2400 and $4500. It may seem steep, but it’s an investment in long-term performance, safety, and comfort.

When it comes to lifting your D-Max, my final thought would be to remember that you’re not just modifying your ride – you’re optimising it to fit your specific needs and style. Go with quality components, professional installation, and make sure to adhere to all legal guidelines. After all, the goal is not just to get a lift, but to enhance your overall driving experience, safety, and vehicle longevity.

As always, if you need expert advice or professional assistance, the team at MNM 4WD Specialists is here to help. Safe driving, and see you on the trails!

Jeremy Drabsch
Owner MNM 4WD Specialists 

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